Wednesday 10 April 2019

Hidden Drawer

Hidden Drawer by HWM Designs 

This simple hinged hidden drawer arrangement utilises space under a workshop bench without cutting a pocket in the bench rail. The strength of the bench is protected and effective use of space in a small shop is made.  Check out HWM Designs website for more details of this build and other workshop projects

Wednesday 6 March 2019

HWM Designs YouTube Channel

Check out our refreshed HWM Designs YouTube channel for your next workshop project.  We have lots of builds and ideas to improve your shop.

Tuesday 12 February 2019

Compressed air hose storage reels

Visit our website at HWM Designs for more details on this build and many other projects.  We love to use up-cycled materials in our projects.

Sunday 3 February 2019

Workshop Projects from HWM Designs

Here at HWM Designs, we've been busy adding a few improvements to our workshop.  We've added a simple air tool holder to the end of one of our benches.  There are lots of similar holders to be found on the web but we've added a locking bar to prevent the tools being accidentally knocked out of the rack.  The rack is an integral part of the bench end-cap that also ties the bench back to the wall.

Our air hose storage reels are made from up-cycled pallet wood and ply.  They are lightweight but robust and keep stored hoses neat and tidy.

We've added a compressed air station to a wall in the workshop. Using a commercially available dryer and lubricator we've added separate outlets to allow for dry air and dry oiled air.  Dry air is essential for paint spraying and the oiled air is used for drills and die grinders.

Air Tool Storage Rack

Saturday 3 March 2018

Using 3D PDF to Visualize Designs

Using 3D PDF to Help Understand Plans
Here at HMW Designs, we have found that 3D PDF images are a powerful way to understand plans.  3D PDF is a widely available Adobe format that can be accessed on a wide range of devices.  You can download our 3D PDF model of the kart at